E+L systems on the Tire Cord Treating Line

The SRS63 steering roll system (option: ELGUIDER) corrects the web position to the machine centerline before it reaches an accumulator, calender or wind-up. Digital infrared sensors constantly monitor the edges of the web. The liner material is correctly wound using SR41 steering roll systems at the wind up station. 

The digital E+L system controls the tire cord web throughout the different processes and keeps it at a defined width. Using a combination of electronic edge sensing with motorized adjustment or broadband sensor technology guarantees smooth and clean production. The CordAliner BCS21/31 allows the entire width of the tire cord web to be stretched before entering the dip tanks or wind-up. The EPILiner BCS11 or half width X-Pander edge spreading system works directly on the edges of the web using two independent three-finger spreaders. The required tire cord web width is reached before the dip line wind-up. The high tension X-Pander BCS41 achieves and maintains the required tire cord web width and position in the high-tension areas of the production line.